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Souverein (tumblr / facebook)  - “Free work done by the photographer Rene Mesman. They are a series of bird portraits done together with a hairstylist and an art-director. It was also shown in Volkskrant Magazine. Retouching and integration was done by Souverein.”

Owl / Crow / Falcon

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Hotly Debated Typing - What a Fool I've Been

Finally some resolution! Toiling away from the busy typing corners of my mind, I’ve been hotly debating in my own head for all these years. How many spaces after the period? Two seems so right, so comfortable and familiar. But it always lingered, the question of accuracy, of being made a fool. It felt so controversial. I trusted no one.

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TRAVOLTA & his unruly pop-culture pubes

These my friends were movie making trend’s finest moments. Travolta and his extraterrestrial powers at play. I hope John finds excellent council in the controversy surrounding the alleged inadequate grooming of his personal jungle. But there’s nothing stopping this man and the next trend of unruly pop culture pubes.

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strong soled step

There was a way in which the man nuzzled his chin against his chest. Seemingly in full concentration but more in a way to keep his eyes down and focused on the pavement in front of him. The sidewalk was new- well leveled and a shiny finish. The cracks were evenly spaced – their pathos allowed two steps equally distributed between each horizontal interruption. The count was sharp and strong under each heavy rubber soled step. That thick sole isolated each calculation and gave that man a staunch new height. He was elevated an extra two or three inches making up for his slouch. The foot made headway across that slab. His stride was long, seemed to go on forever. Until I looked down and he disappeared.

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